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Executive Human Capital Strategy Services

Do you want to be well supported to develop your business and your leadership by making also a positive impact on others lives ?

If so, working on your human capital strategy to attract, retain and develop executive potential is key.

And you can trust me to guide you towards a new vision of investing in a healthy, productive management team and work environment.

My services are aimed at You, entrepreneur and SME manager in the early stages of growth:

1- Passionate about his business, his company and wants to differentiate himself from the competition;

2- Visionary with medium and long term objectives, to surround himself with the best, to constitute a team and to delegate to his executives. You want your business to serve your life;

3- Prudent, being well prepared helps you. Recognised for your cooperation, calm, methodical and consensual spirit, you like to learn about yourself and others to evolve.

I guide you in creating your strategy to enable you to:

– Keep your freedom, be in control of your time, projects and have the 360° aspect;
– Increase your quality of life and that of others;
– Empower you to decide on your collaborations and all human and financial aspects;
– Gain autonomy;
Stand out from others.

Working on you is working on your business!

How do you know

How do you know when you need a strategy consultant?

What does a strategy consultant do?

There are several reasons why a business leader may choose to hire a strategy consultant. Perhaps the company is in the early stages of rapid growth and does not have the resources to continue to grow in the medium to long term. Or perhaps the entrepreneur is looking for a way to prepare for his or her role as a people manager. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand what a strategy consultant does and what you can expect from the relationship.

A strategy consultant helps the entrepreneur develop his unique and tailored approach to achieving his goals. They can provide advice in one area of expertise or in several and draw on their network of professionals.

They will work with you, listen to you, and understand your business from the ground up.

How do you know if you need a strategy consultant?

Entrepreneurs sometimes need to hire a consultant to help them in specific areas of their business. In some cases, it can be difficult to know whether or not a consultant is needed. Here is some help in determining whether you need one:

Step 1: Determine the area of the business that needs improvement

There are many different areas that may need improvement. The most common areas are human capital and finance.

Step 2: Assess the situation

Once you have determined which area of your business needs improvement, you need to assess the situation. What is the cause of the need for improvement in this area? Is it a lack of knowledge or experience? Are there external factors that impact on your ability to improve in this area?

Step 3: Look for opportunities.

Could strategy consulting meet my HR planning and operations needs?

Executive human capital strategy consulting is exclusively aimed at business leader and entrepreneur in the early stages of growth to prepare him for his role as human capital managers: identifying obstacles, diagnosing the situation and making intervention choices.

Thus, the services are only focused on the steps before planning, implementation, evaluation and stabilization of operations.

After the service has been rendered, I will share my professional network for these steps.

How do I know if online consulting is right for me as an entrepreneur or sme manager?

The business leader wears many hats. Time and organisation are essential.

There are therefore many advantages to working online, by video conference:
1- save money and transport time;

2- access services from anywhere via a phone, PC or tablet;

3- consult documents for work at your own pace, no matter where you are.

About Hind Mouhoub

Executive Human Capital Strategy Consultant

I launched my business in August 2020 with the ambition to contribute to an innovative business model in the approach to executive human capital.

To meet the challenges of early growth, you, SME leader want to be well surrouned and do better in attracting, retaining and developing the potential of their management team.

And to help you do this, I draw on over 10 years’ of expertise in human capital acquired in organizations and companies in the private and public sectors: manufacturing, natural resources, services, regions, ministries, as well as a long-term observation of your challenges, to offer personalised consulting services so that you can be the strategist of your executive human capital.

Hind Mouhoub Fondatrice Consultante


How I work with you

Respect – Freedom – Honesty

Innovation in the business model of leaders is linked to a personalized executive human capital strategy.

I believe in the power of a unique approach to surround yourself with a team of managers and create a healthy, productive working environment that has a positive impact on your life, that of your teams, contractors, customers and the community.

Above all, I believe in you.

Working on you means working on your business!

As an entrepreneur, a manager of a growing SME,

you work alone or with an employee and wear many hats. You think about ideas while you execute them. In this way, you lose yourself in the execution. You need time and money to grow.

And it’s a proven fact that your work overload is one of the main reasons for your stress, much more so than customer acquisition and cash flow.

With this in mind, I have tailored my services so that you can benefit from consulting in the creation of your human capital strategy which is usually only available to large companies due to the time and cost involved. The preparation time saves you the duplication of time in repairs.

Surely the more you anticipate and the more you think strategically beforehand, the less likely you are to find yourself having to deal with situations in haste and paying a high price financially and in human terms.

Your customized human capital strategy to attract, retain and develop the potential of your executives allows you to stand out. You gain the agility to grow and achieve a balance between you, your ecosystem and your team.

And at the heart of my support, I share with you my values of respect, freedom and honesty.

So during the service, if I assess a need in a field of expertise that is not mine, I refer you to a professional in my network.

I’ll guide you with kindness, respecting your corporate vision and being completely honest.

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