Human capital strategy consulting Services

for Entrepreneurs & SME Owners
in early stage of growth


"Light your path from its origin."


Are you still having problems with your team building strategy?

Evaluate your strategy with a human capital expert, to get a better view of the starting point of the identified problem.

Have more freedom and power in your intervention choices.

1 day of expert consultation of 5 hours.

"Make it easy for yourself to achieve your goal."


What are your main obstacles to creating your strategy? What is the source of this problem?

Identify your obstacles, your needs, your actions and their causes in the strategy of having a team around you to whom you can delegate some of your entrepreneurial responsibilities.

To be fully aware of your needs and your actions in order to be able to move towards your objectives more easily and efficiently on a daily basis.

1 hour of personal consultation.

"Make sure that you are well surrounded."


What impact does the right strategy have on you? What are the main obstacles to achieving your goals with regard to executive human capital?

Diagnose your overall situation as an entrepreneur and organisation; define your intervention choices to create a customised strategy to realise your ambition to be well supported by a stable team of executives in the long term.

Improve your life quality by avoiding stress and work overload; guarantee the individual and collective well-being of executives in a healthy and productive work environment and distinguish yourself.

3 months of unique consulting, 1 day per week on average, including the NOVA Leadership Profile.


"Estimate your leadership potential."

Nova Leadership

What are you looking to improve in your strategy? Why is this goal important right now?

This profile for business leaders is the result of a simple questionnaire to complete.

Learn more about your leadership potential, to better know yourself, recognise yourself, better understand others and communicate.

The feedback of your profile during the consultations will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

2 consultations of 1 hour of leadership focused feedback.

" Nurture your knowledge to decide more strategically ."

Cognitive Plan

Tell me about your goals. What are your main obstacles? What impact does choosing the right solution have on you?

Understand to learn a new approach to executive human capital as you begin to grow to create healthy and productive work environments.

Learn which aspects of a solution are the most important factors in deciding which approach is right for you.

1 day of individual 5 hours training.

"Knowing yourself better to take better care of yourself and others."

Nova Profile

What are the most important elements in determining the right strategy for you? How can you make it easier to communicate your strategy?

Your profile is a solid and efficient tool for personal and professional development. It synthesises three of the most important works of the last century on human behaviour: William Moulton MARSTON’s DISC system (associated with the language of colours), Carl Gustav JUNG’s psychological types and Eduard SPRANGER’s motivations.

Learning and understanding your behaviour and that of others stimulates relational effectiveness, confidence and self-esteem.

1h30 individual motivational feedback meeting to act on what can be changed.

"Make your voice be heard and let others surprise you."

Collaborative Webinars

Come and meet business leaders who are experiencing the same persistent challenges in early growth related to strategy: attracting, retaining and developing the human potential of executives. Speak out, socialise. Make your voice heard through the collaborative mode of the webinar. Be surprised by enriching strategies and encounters.

Socialise, develop, be inspired, the unexpected, share your challenges in building an executives team around you.

2 hours of meaningful exchanges in line with your value system with a group of up to 10 business leaders.

"Enhance and share your knowledge."

Ambition Space for members only

Find new ways to solve your problems. Discover creative solutions that can be integrated into your daily life, increasing your quality of life and that of others.

To have meaningful connections, conversations and engaging environments:

Have humanistic communication, feel appreciated, belong to a community.

Access to an exclusive space for sharing writings between “Strategists” members and your sources of inspiration to stimulate human capital ambition in executives.

"Join the tribe of strategists."

Exclusive newsletter

To become the business leader you want to be, to be well surrounded by a team of executives you must have a deep love for humanity.

Keep in contact with me and get the latest updates on my services.

Be inspired, belong to a tribe, a community of readers who value the strategy to create healthy and productive work environments.

Once a month exclusive entrepreneurship newsletters with quality human capital content.

My approach to consulting

My consulting is first guided by an introspection exercise of the leader in order to proceed with a diagnosis and determine the appropriate measures for the development and preparation of the approach adapted to the reality of the leader and his company. This phase constitutes a guide for the elaboration of a tailor-made approach for the development of the leader’s leadership in his role as a human resources manager. His human capital strategy for executives will be linked to his vision and growth objectives.

My role is to envisage a reconsideration of the problem rather than a solution. Namely, to see the framework:
* The thought pattern;
* The world of my client in a different way.

The leader will benefit from interactive consulting in the form of a day of reflection and learning. He will also benefit from my network of experts for related needs.

He is the only one to make decisions and to be responsible for his evolution.

Capital humain des cadres
consultation en stratégie du capital humain

How to create a strategy to reach your goals?

To have an active vision, strategy and roadmap, you need to have a clear idea of your long-term goals. Without this clarity, it will be very difficult to take the decisions and actions necessary to achieve your goals.

Learning more about yourself through the Nova profiles will give you a clearer picture of your learning, communication, decision-making and leadership style. In addition, it will also help you to stay motivated, focused throughout your journey and on track to make the decisions necessary to achieve your goals.

There are several ways to develop an active vision, strategy and roadmap. Here are some of these methods:

* Brainstorming;

* Doing research;

* Working with a professional.

How to develop your knowledge & network of contacts?

It is important to develop your knowledge and network of contacts to take advantage of these opportunities. Becoming familiar with the various business opportunities and networking with other entrepreneurs in the Ambition Space can be very beneficial.

There are many advantages to becoming an entrepreneur, including the possibility to work flexibly, to be your own boss and to make your own decisions.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a very exciting opportunity. By attending business seminars, reading business books and networking with other entrepreneurs, you can ensure that you make the most of this opportunity.

Hind Mouhoub baseline
collaboration strategist

Developing & maintaining a healthy knowledge & culture

As an entrepreneur, it is important to develop and maintain a healthy corporate knowledge and culture. Corporate knowledge and culture can help ensure the success of your business.

What is corporate knowledge and culture?

Corporate knowledge and culture is the sum total of a company’s knowledge and experience. It ranges from the policies in place to the way employees are treated.

Why is corporate knowledge and culture important?

Corporate knowledge and culture can contribute to the success of your company. Indeed, a healthy company culture and knowledge can help create a positive working environment, which can encourage employees to stay with the company.


How to maintain a corporate culture and knowledge?

There are several ways to maintain a corporate culture and knowledge. These include creating effective policies and ensuring that they are followed. In addition, it is important to ensure that company experiences are shared with employees. This can be done through training programmes or by offering employees the opportunity to learn from other companies.

Maintaining a healthy knowledge base and culture is important to the success of your business. By following the advice and sharing your experiences with other leaders during the Collaborative Webinars, you can create a positive environment that will encourage employees to stay with your company.


Hind, whom I got to know through the coaching we both did at Défi Montréal, immediately appealed to me by her joviality and her voluntarism. I quickly understood that she is attached to values that strongly guide her in her actions and interactions with others. She is generous in sharing information, believing that even if she doesn’t have the solution herself, it exists somewhere, so she doesn’t hesitate for a second to assist those in need to find solutions. Hind learns a lot and has a strong capacity to provide services that have a positive impact beyond her sphere of intervention.


Expert finance consultant

Hind is a good listener with a great ability to build professional relationships. Available and always willing to help. A dedicated and committed professional, Hind shares her resources and information.


Legal consultant

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