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strategy is key for ambition

When you divide your time into 50% creative and 50% to keep the business running (project, accounting…) How to keep your freedom and be master of your time, your projects and have the 360° aspect: business and creative.

You have made the choice to create your company, to be self-employed to manage everything alone, you may or may not have an assistant. You want to gradually expand your team to delegate some of your entrepreneurial responsibilities while being in charge of your collaborations, partnerships, and all financial and creative aspects.

Strategy is the key. It allows you to facilitate your daily life, gain autonomy and be able to select the actions to be taken in the medium and long term to achieve your business objectives.

The timeless human capital strategy always comes first and the time-bound action plan comes later.

The strategy is the mental part, the means to achieve the goal, while the action plan is the physical part, the implementation of all the actions selected and organised to achieve the desired strategy.

It is the single blueprint, the selection of the best of the intervention choices according to your vision of your management team, the organisation of the actions to be taken to build a team around you to continue your growth and stand out.

travailler plus intelligemment pas plus durement

Let’s work smarter, not harder.


“Ambition is an exclusive service.

It was born of the idea of transforming the thinking of SME managers at the start of their growth, so that they can have their first team of managers and surround themselves with the right people.

Because your management team is your foundation!

They will take on some of your responsibilities, communicate your vision and apply your roadmap, directives and changes to achieve your business objectives. So much so that your managers will pass on your values, grow and develop your organisation.

In fact, they will play a role in the present and future life of your company, the “after life” or transfer. Generally speaking, managers will share your vision, think with you, build your corporate culture and your history.

That’s why early growth is the best time to invest. When your operating profit is positive, so that you can think about the best investment for the future.

Especially as it has been proven that ideas are often lost in execution. One of the pitfalls of change in the early stages of growth is confusion, which leads to denial and then fear. Then you mourn the situation and become curious. Hope is born and your confidence leads you to have a vision.

It’s in this transition to continue growing that you need to work one day a week on your business development strategy. At the same time, you gain more power, autonomy and confidence.

All the more so as, faced with the factors of change and the rapid pace of change in your sector of activity, building a strategy is a key to opening the doors to knowledge of yourself and your environment through an overall diagnosis, set objectives and choices for action.

The time you devote today to creating your executive human capital strategy means you don’t have to spend twice as much time fixing your plan, overworking and stressing.

So your strategy limits your risks and protects you. You make life easier for yourself and improve your quality of life and for others. You’re ahead of the game. You are an agent of change. You are the strategist of your executive human capital.

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