I’m Hind Mouhoub

Strategy Consultant

I help you create your unique executive human capital strategy.

Hind Mouhoub fondatrice consultante

About me


My name is Hind and I started my executive human capital consulting business in Canada after I first discovered this beautiful country in 2009.

Since 2020, my mission is to help you create your own human capital strategy with a positive impact. I rely on my MasterI of Human Resources Manager from the ““Cnam” (The Conservatoire national des arts et métiers) and my Certificate of Professional Specialization in Business Startup from “SAJE Montréal” (Young Enterprise Support Service) in , my “Nova Certification” and my expertise in executive human capital to offer you personalized services to build a team around you and develop your leadership.

I help entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs in the early stages of growth, visionaries with the medium- to long-term objective of delegating certain responsibilities to a management team, to think strategically about acquiring, developing and retaining a management team.

Passionate, motivated to learn more about themselves and others in order to evolve, cautious, they find it difficult to develop an effective approach to surrounding themselves with the best executives.

Thanks to my personalised online consulting service, I can help them create an executive human capital strategy and develop their leadership skills, so that they stand out from the crowd and gain in autonomy and quality of life for themselves and others.

For over 10 years, I have provided human capital advice to organisations in the manufacturing, natural resources, services, government and regional sectors, with the aim of attracting, retaining and developing the potential of their future teams, both locally and internationally.

I have always encouraged the creation of healthy and productive working environments through a personalised approach.

Over the years, I’ve noticed the work overload and stress experienced by business owners who have a vision but no strategy for delegating and building a team of executives to continue to grow.

What’s more, I’m enthusiastic by nature and that comes across in my approach.

As you’ll have noticed, I love exchanging and sharing my knowledge.

I regularly take part in events and workshops for organisations such as the Blitz du Défi Montréal and “RFAQ” (Quebec Business Women’s Network), Immigrant Quebec Summit and Networking, to name but a few!

For a number of years now, I’ve been working as a mentor with young people aged 14-30 at “Academos”.

For the last two years, I’ve been involved on an ad hoc basis as a mentor for teams of entrepreneurs competing in the “Coopérathon”.

This year, I’m a mentor for the new DMZ accelerator programme. “The DMZ” has created a mentor matching programme!
This programme aims to support budding entrepreneurs by putting them in touch with experienced mentors, who can share their knowledge and expertise.

And I’m a partner in the Entrepreneur Coaching category at “Entreprendre ici”. The PAEICI is an initiative of Entreprendre ici that aims to bring together a group of experts from different business fields to offer their support to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

If you’d like to find out more, I invite you to sign up.


My story

I’m a consultant with a human development approach who believes that every entrepreneur is unique.

I originally trained in law and corporate communications, but when I was younger I dreamed of travelling the world to find treasures.

I’ve always loved trains, which can take you across several countries. I wanted to be an archaeologist! This left me with a taste for art and travelling.

Before high school, I learned the definition of entrepreneurship in economics class and its meaning through my school’s entrepreneurial project. Immediately, I wanted to give advice to make life easier for the people at the head of entrepreneurial projects. For me, it was an opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of individuals and society. My passion was born.

After graduating in corporate communications and public relations and gaining experience in sales, there was something missing. I still wanted to advise entrepreneurs. So I started a skills assessment that led me to go back to school, this time in human resources, to reconcile my three areas: communications, law and business development, so that I could help entrepreneurs who were having difficulty building the teams they needed to turn their vision into reality.

I quickly made a name for myself with my approach to attracting, retaining and developing the potential of managers in talent acquisition and international mobility projects. I have broadened my skills in human resources management and development to take a global approach to the organisation.

I’m very inquisitive and like to keep up to date and develop my skills.

In 2009, during my first trip to Canada, I discovered this country and its entrepreneurial spirit. After several visits, I started to develop a strategy for immigrating. I then worked on a number of talent acquisition projects.

And two years before setting up my own business in Quebec, I decided to train in business start-up so that I could be an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs to develop and be the strategist of their human capital executives.

Because I’m convinced that the more we anticipate and the more we think ahead, the less likely we are to have to deal with problems in a hurry and pay the highest price financially and in human terms.

To create a team around you, you need to :

– think about what you want to delegate, how you can manage your management team and communicate your human capital vision and strategy to them.

– understand how best to respond to deadlines, objectives, expectations and needs in order to reduce the risk of dissatisfaction.

It’s not about spending the least amount of money, it’s about investing the right amount of money in your human capital.

And to do all that, you need your own executive human capital strategy.

What exactly is strategy consulting? Do you really need it?

Basics of strategy consulting

When it comes to business, there are many different paths to take. But what kind of leader do you want to be?

Do you want to be someone who can help your business grow? Or do you want to be someone who can help save your business?

Similarly, there are different paths to take in consulting, and the approach depends on your goals. Mine is the human development approach.

What is the human development approach?

The human development approach is the foundation of my approach as a consultant. It is the approach I take when I work with you. It is based on the belief that every entrepreneur is unique and has his or her own needs.


Do you need human capital strategy advice

Do you have a growing business that you want to expand in the medium to long term?

Do you want to develop your leadership to create healthy and productive working environments?

Do you want to expand your business into a new market?

Have you just taken over a company?

Strategy consulting can be of benefit to you.

Learn about what to expect

How to select your services?

There are several services tailored to your needs.

Step 1 – Make sure you have assessed the situation.
You are having difficulty determining the area that needs to be improved, i.e. what is the cause of the need for improvement: a lack of knowledge or experience or whether external factors are having an impact on your ability to improve in the area. The Vision service will help you to see this more clearly on your consultation day.

Step 2: Choose your “customized service”
You have decided to use my services to:
– Move forward on one area of your executive human capital strategy
– Create your unique executive human capital strategy
– Identify your leadership development areas
– and much more!

All you have to do is book a date. Once I receive your request for a meeting, I will send you the agreement to sign. I will be able to offer you a personalized service according to your needs and objectives.

I take on a limited number of projects so that I can give you all the attention you need during the creation of the strategy and even afterwards to refer you to my network depending on your situation.
Once the contract is signed, I provide you with access to the client portal for scheduling meetings, follow-up, shared documents and confidential communication chat.

How to engage your services online?

First of all, you need to know what you can expect from me and the relationship:
– A people development approach is a unique and tailored approach to achieving your goals.
– Listening and understanding your business from top to bottom is essential.

The administrative process is as follows:

Step 1: Book a date: by clicking on the service icon of your choice on the “Services” page, you arrive at the booking portal;
Step 2: Sign and complete the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement;
Step 3: Sign the service contract;
Step 4: Pay the retainer fee;
Step 5: Participate in the Zoom meeting;
Step 6: Read and sign the meeting summary, if applicable, in the Client Portal;
Step 7: Fill in the satisfaction form.


How much do services cost?

My fees are communicated after signing the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.
They are indicated in the service contract based on the information you have provided to me. On the invoice, the payment link allows you to make advance payments in Canadian dollars only, into a client account. Once the payment is received, I will send you confirmation of the date of our meeting.

Budget management is essential in the management of a business as well as in the management of people.

If you live in Quebec, you may be eligible for a grant from “Services Québec” to take my consulting and training services. I encourage you to contact your local business advisor to assess your eligibility. I will be happy to provide you with the information to support your application.

I need a recruiter for my first employees, can you recruit for me?

I can recruit and I don’t.

I do better than that. I guide you so that you can easily communicate your strategy to the executive search expert to whom you decide to delegate its implementation.

When you delegate to an individual or organisation, you need to make them understand what you want to create as a workplace environment in your organisation.

After the service has been provided, you will be referred to my network of experts for the planning and operational stages of your strategy.

I have just one question, should I still book a consultation?

It is a question of knowing if we ask ourselves THE question that will open the door to solutions.
To answer this need for help on a specific point, I have created the “Strategy” service of one hour of consultation which allows you to move forward on a blocking point.

All my services require a signed agreement beforehand.

How long does it take to create a human capital strategy for managers before planning and operating human resources?

Each entrepreneur is unique and has specific needs.
From experience, 3 months is the most suitable duration for entrepreneurs. It fits the business cycle.

The “Ambition” service is over 3 months and allows you to address the 3 aspects of your strategy: attraction, retention and development of executive potential.

An entrepreneur should work one full day per week on the development of his business. Therefore, the guidance is designed for this with an average of one day per week and includes the two Nova Profiles.

I already have my first employees. Can you help me to improve my attraction strategy?

Congratulations on your first employees!

Yes, I can help you if there is a specific point in your strategy that is causing you concern. I have created the Strategy service, a one-hour consultation. Furthermore, if during your consultation, it becomes clear that you need an evaluation of your situation, I could suggest you to book the “Vision” service.